This past week I went to Arizona for the Barefoot Gathering. I loved the conversations that circled around social causes, how to love people more and photographing with dignity and more. We had some incredible speakers take the stage - Dr. John Perkins, Bob Goff, Rachel Held Evans, Erwin Mcmanus -- It's so cool to see a church come together to put on such an awesome gathering of people. Dr. Perkins sitting in his chair pointed at me after I spoke and used his pointer finger to call me over. I jokingly asked him if I was in trouble for something. I got down on my knees to his height and waited patiently for what he might say. He looked at me seriously and said, "Your story, it burdened me, it affected me". He then told me a story about his Mother and how the story of the woman I talked about reminded him of her. He is a very wise man who has lived through a lot of life and I was honored that one of my stories stayed with him. I love that he is in his 80's and still speaking. He is still using his platform to share about God and challenge people.. My brother Josh Havens is the Worship pastor at the Grove in Chandler, Arizona and we decided to go for a hike in the Superstition Mountains. There is a neat hike called the Hieroglyphic trail -- I couldn't believe how much the sky changed colors in the couple hours we were walking -- reds, blue's, purple's, orange's and yellow's. The sky was like it was being painted by God. His beautiful artwork. On our walk back to the car, the rains began to pour which is apparently one of the 8 times it's rained in Pheonix this year. A rare moment that i'm so thankful for. All of the images are photographed with the iphone 5s -- if you are interested in prints you can send me an email below with the image size you want. I work closely with a great printer and will put in an order right away, sign the image and mail it to you directly.

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