31 days of Prayer for The Dreamer + The Doer


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When my friend Jenn Sprinkle asked me to write a prayer for this book, I almost turned her down. Seriously...I still have a very hard time sharing what I write with anyone. It's a fear.....which happened to be the chapter she asked me to write a prayer for. Fear is something I have battled and battled and battled and only this past year do I feel that I've started to find freedom. I imagine that most people would look at my life and think that i'm fearless, but it's actually been the opposite. I was never fearful of flying in planes, or exploring new countries, I wasn't even fearful hearing gunfire go off around me in Uganda, going through a 6.3 earthquake in Haiti or being held up by 15 gunman surrounding my car. Fear would strike me in the strangest of places. There was once time I was at a cabin in the woods with a friend in Colorado and I didn't want to go outside alone. It was like Fear gripped a hold of me and I was terrified and almost paralyzed by what could be ready to attack me outside. I was so fearful of speaking in front of people because of the power I gave man in their approval of me, but I knew God was calling me to speak. I would be completely gripped with fear if I had to deal with a conflict situation. I was so fearful of conflict  that I would RUN the other way rather than confronting someone about something. I would be fearful of ridiculous things that made no sense to most people. I would pray and pray and pray to be released from this Fear, but always felt it still lurking. Last fall I went on a walk alone in the woods. It was that moment that I realized the freedom God has brought me to. He truly is the healer and is constantly reminding me to trust him. God does not give us a spirit of Fear.

2 Timothy 2;7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

Whatever Fear it is you are facing....remember that with God you can conquer it. Don't let fear stop you from what God is calling you to do. 



I have absolutely LOVED reading through ALL of these beautiful prayers written by women in all walks of life. Check it out at the link below. For every book you purchase -- $1 goes to The Adventure Project to support job creation for men and women around the globe. 


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We are dreamers & doers – ambitious business owners – we love hard – try to ‘do-it-all’ and grow weary in the process. We need each other to lean on and to love on. More and more women are weaving their stories, their burdens and their God-given gifts into big dreams, intentional businesses and God’s work. Our prayer for this book is to keep you tethered to your faith and to the Lord, who without His saving grace, all dreaming and doing is in vain.

Curated by The {Well} Studio and written by an inspiring group of dreamers and doers, the prayers and scripture that fill these pages are written to accompany you on this the journey of brilliant dreams and scary risks, weary struggles and joyful success, inspiring ideas and fears of failure....all in light of how God has created us to be and to do all things well....not perfectly, but {well}.