Yosemite National Park

In June I went to Yosemite with the On Location team -- here is a preview of what's to come from this trip. 11 of us traveled in an RV all together for 4+ days - I climbed to the top of Yosemite falls (8 hours) and slept in a Kammok amost every night . It was a dream come true. One of my dearest friends got engaged on the trip - we were able to photograph it and celebrate with the two of them. I had no idea that Yosemite was such a magical place. One night when I was sleeping in my kammok under the stars, a bear came within 30 feet of us and disrupted the next camp over. You see climbers every where doing the impossible! I was stunned to find out tha tthe little twinkle lights that you see on El Capitan are the lights of the climbers making their 4 days climb straight up the side of the mountain to the Summit. Unbelievable. We had so many amazing brands sponsor our trip. A few of those were Kind Bars, Royal Robbins, Gregory, Kammok, Thermarest, Gerber, Mindshift, Stanley, Thinktank Photo, Pendleton, Yeti, Probar, Backwoods, Fieldnotes, Nalgene, Drobo and many more. We had a blast using all of these products in one of the most beautiful National Parks in the world. I'll do another post in the future with more images and a better look behind the scenes. I just wanted for you all to see a glimpse of what my summer looked liked.